Team Sponsors

Non-profit youth recreational soccer programs cannot run without the support of our teams, our families, our community and our team sponsors.  Every rec team is required to provide a team sponsorship in the amount of $200.00.  This sponsor fee can either be built into your team fees (e.g., the team’s parents sponsor the team) or teams may elect to pursue outside sponsorships from businesses, individuals or families.  The $200.00 may be split between donors.

As a thank you to our sponsors, CHSA provides a sponsor plaque and team picture for each full $200 sponsor.  These plaques are available when the team and individual pictures arrive in late September.

If your team secures more than $200.00 in sponsor monies, 100% of the additional monies beyond the initial $200.00 are returned to the team to subsidize team fees, cost of additional equipment or tournament fees.  The Team Sponsor Distribution form must be submitted via email ( or US mail for any team receiving sponsor monies back to use toward their team fees, equipment of tournaments (form is available on our website).

All sponsorship forms and checks are to be turned in by September 13, 2020.  At this time, we are only able to process sponsor checks and are unable to process credit cards. Sponsor checks will be deposited after September 14.  Please mail in all forms to:


6200 E. Canyon Rim Rd #205-C

Anaheim CA 92807

Please make sure to give any sponsor a copy of the Team Sponsor Form- this is their receipt for their donation.  The CHSA W9 is available upon request.  CHSA non-profit tax ID is: 95-3332321