SafeSport Training

US Soccer formally adopted new Athlete and Participant safety policy on February 16, 2019.  Subsequently, Cal South and Affiliate Members, like CHSA,  must ensure that all Coaches, Assistant Coaches , Team Coordinators , League Administrators and other Covered Individuals complete the required U.S. Center for Safe Sport training and education online course.

For more information on how to complete this course, please contact the Director of Team Coordinators.

For more information on the policies and procedures, please see the CalSouth website here.

Concussion Certificate

CHSA along with Cal South recognizes the need for increased awareness about concussions, head injuries and brain trauma.

Please refer to the Cal South website here for further information about concussions, safety and the Concussion Certificate.

All team administrators (coaches, asst coaches and team managers) are REQUIRED to complete the online training above.  It takes approximately 40 minutes and included a quiz at the end.  Team admins then need to load a copy of the completion certificate to their team admin profile.  This needs to be completed by August 15.

The concussion online training video required for all team admins can be accessed here.